Fishmaker II FD1100i

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• 20% wider spool • 30% longer casts • 100% bigger drag washer

  We decided to create a reel meeting our imaginations and needs, the reel not available in the angling market so far. It is characterized by exceptionally large spool diameter while the depth of spool is very small, but still offering normal line capacity. The main advantage of this solution is a significant improvement on casting distances (up to 30%), perfect line lay and possiblity to use significantly bigger drag washers (in the front drag models surface has increased by over 100%), what definitely improved braking precision. Large spool can also reduce the gear ratio, what improves comfort of fishing. It is worth to mention two technical parameters, by now unavailable for other reels. In FD at the size of 35 and gear ratio at 1:4.4, line retrieve reaches 80 cm! In the production of Fishmaker II reels there are only the highest quality materials used, embedded in a non-deformable and a rigid support frame, which allows our reels to meet high quality standards. They operate without fail, offer to their owners really high confidence and a huge comfort. Thanks to the materials and technologies used, they are not only lighter and stiffer, but also stronger, and their components are characterized by low weight and incredible durability.


2nd generation features below changes:

  • new shape of the spool chamfer
  • new shape of the upper-inside rotor part,
  • two silicon parts on the rotor arms
  • inside, which prevent the line from getting into the spool,
  • handle arm longer by 10 mm,
  • higher grade line roller ball bearing,
  • closer design of the connection between bail wire and line roller cove,
  • new spool colors.