nano lite xt60c


Another hybrid reels in Dragon offer. Designed especially for light spinning, equipped with innovative spool and handle which mixes superdural with graphite. The construction was made according to so called “V“ concept. Body and rotor of the reel are made from ultralight graphite XT60C material. Its structure is based on elongated, highly processed carbon fibers. It allows to reduction of the reel weight with the comparison to aluminium about 20% and increase the stiffness of the whole construction about over 50%. The metal elements were mechanically cut out with the machine tolls which were numerically controlled by the Quality Optimization System – QOP.


The body and rotor are made from ultralight and stiff graphite compositeXT60C • Hybrid duraluminium – graphite “V“ spool • The main gear HEG class, machined in brass and superdural • 9 Japanese ball bearings and one needle bearing • Hybrid handle, duraluminium – graphite • Bail wire with durable surface • Ceramic line roller which protect against line twisting • Multi disc, hermetic front drag • Waterproof drag system • Dynamic balance of the rotating elements.



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