nano core 28 spin

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 28 Spin

Narrowly specialized series Dragon NanoCORE- spinning rods for fishing from a boat, from descent or using drop shot technique, on small and medium-soft baits (5-12 cm) with a relatively high load (7-15 g). Their blanks are formed from graphite mats manufactured using so-called nanotechnology, a technique for creating nanometer-sized structures. Graphite mats used by Japanese company Toray made from carbon fiber with a very precise molecular structure. These blanks are extremely small outter diameter in relation to the optional power and strength, which is due to the special construction technology of the core blank, so called nano core technology. Such a constructed core of the rod increases the resistance to overload and mechanical damage, extending the potential time of using the equipment. NanoCORE spinning rods are at the same time very light and work in such a way so an angler knows about what is happening with the bait. Their action can be described as very fast (X-Fast), but slightly towards the fast (Fast), while maintaining a progressive blank deflection under load. NanoCORE rods provide a comfortable, confident haul, with full control over the fighting fish. Both rods have a good supply of power when it comes to casting weight, but with the descending method we do not recommend the use of lures with a total mass greater than described on the blank.